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The six advantages of Weichai Wp13 leading the new era of 13L market force

Date: 2018-03-19 15:49:56 Click:

Weichai has set up a first-class quality, performance and technical index system in order to achieve a full range of promotion, to the high end, to the global call for Weichai brand, and the WP13 engine will carry the dream of the high end of the Weichai engine. The WP13 with "six advantages" has become the leader in the big horsepower market. What are the six advantages?

1. High reliability. According to market demand and usage, Weichai has increased the life of B10 to 1 million 800 thousand kilometers /30000 hours, and once again redefined the industry standard. At the same time, the system and parts are decomposed by the actual road spectrum, and a high reliability model is made by Weichai. The key parts, such as connecting rod, crankshaft and body, are verified by the fatigue test of infinite life. On road verification, WP13 can easily reach 1 million 800 thousand km road life and the average fault interval is more than 300 thousand km.

Two, low fuel consumption. The result of "100 kilometers fuel consumption is 3-5 liters lower than competing products" results in WP13's attention. It is understood that WP13 has adopted a series of black technology, which not only optimizes the matching of turbocharger, but also adopts some low power consumption intelligent accessories. Among them, the electric control fan can save oil by 1%, the electric control unit can save oil by 0.5%, the oil pump of the electronic control machine can save oil 0.3%, the electric control pump can save oil by 0.8%, and the electric control air compressor can save oil 1%... A series of figures, it is confirmed that WP13 is the "power faction".

Three. The power is strong. The power range of WP13 covers 480hp-605hp and the maximum torque can reach 2550N. M/1000~1400r/min. At the same time, it can also match the small speed ratio rear axle, reduce engine speed, and more energy saving and efficient.

Four, NVH is excellent in quality. Weichai has an anechoic test room the largest and most advanced performance. The result of scientific and rigorous test is that the noise of WP13 is lower than that of competing products, which is lower than 2-3dB.

Five, maintenance of long distance. WP13 maintenance mileage can be up to 120 thousand km, the oil filter adopts synthetic filter material, and the capacity of ash retention is increased, and the filtration efficiency can be increased by 200%.

Six. The structure is compact. The cylinder center distance of WP13 is only 150mm, which is almost 13L displacement, and the minimum cylinder center distance of heavy-duty diesel engine. The compact structure will further enhance its matching capability.