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Three methods of heating system for the Weifang diesel engine

Date: 2018-03-19 15:50:54 Click:

After a rain, autumn has increased a lot, the use of Weifang diesel engine users should pay attention to the problem of heating unit. There are many matters needing attention in the use of diesel generator set, so that we can better use the Weifang diesel engine and ensure the normal operation of the unit. The preheating system is added to the generator for the generator to be successfully launched in a very low temperature environment, and the preheating system is added to the generator. There are three ways of the preheating system:

1. The heating mode of the waterway.

The cooling water is frozen at minus 4 degrees Celsius, preventing the cooling water from solidifying and expanding the engine block, so that the cooling water is kept in the warm water of about 50 degrees. Not only can it prevent frostbite, but also provide favorable conditions for the engine to start successfully.

2. Oil heating mode.

The lubricating oil of the engine will become very viscous in the cryogenic freezing environment, which is not conducive to the operation and lubrication of the engine when the engine starts, and the oil is heated to keep the lubricating oil in the best state of lubrication, so as to facilitate the lubrication and start of the engine.

3. Fuel heating mode.

Diesel will also have the possibility of solidification at low temperature. In its extreme freezing environment, the fuel system will not be frozen, and the fuel system is blocked by freezing. The fuel heating will also provide the necessary conditions for the engine to start.