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The fault analysis of Weifang generator set

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In the process of using Weifang generator, some common unit failure users need to know, only in this way can the unit be better used and reduce the loss caused by the unit fault. The following seven aspects are analyzed for the following Weifang generator set failure.

1, judge and eliminate the intake part of low pressure oil way of diesel engine.

When the diesel generator can not start from the air in the oil road, the intake part of the diesel generator is usually between the oil pump and the injection pump, which is due to the tight seal of the tubing joint, the plunger sleeve positioning screw and the deflated screw. When the diesel generator set is in normal operation, its own shutdown phenomenon shows that the air is entered in the oil road. The intake part of the diesel generator is generally on the oil path of the diesel tank to the oil pump. Because the diesel generating set is working, the pressure of the oil path is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the air can be entered from the joint of the oil road, the inner oil pipe of the tank or the leakage of the external oil pipe. According to the inspection situation, the maintenance seal is not strict.

2, judge and exclude whether the low pressure oil way is blocked.

Check whether the plug when the low pressure oil pump, can loosen the bleed screw, while pressing the hand pump. If the diesel oil spouts out of the fuel injection pump's vent screw, it means that the oil way between the fuel tank and the fuel injection pump is clear. If the oil is not smooth, it indicates that the oil way is blocked or the diesel filter is dirty. If there is a bubble in the diesel oil, it means that the low pressure oil way enters the air. According to the inspection condition, clean the diesel filter and remove the blockage in the low pressure oil way.

3, the method to judge and eliminate the fault of the injector.

In the absence of an injector check stand, the injector can be dismantled and reassembled to the high pressure oil pipe, and the diesel generator set can be started to observe the injection pressure and atomization of the injector. If the fuel atomization is bad, the injector should be repaired.

4, check whether the oil pump is bad.

When checking the working condition of the oil pump, we must first ensure that the low pressure oil way is under the condition of sealing, opening and air. During the test, we should loosen the fuel injection pump discharge screw and press the start button to turn the diesel generator off. Then we will observe the oil output at the vent screw. If the diesel comes out, it indicates that the oil pump works normally. If there is no fuel injection or fuel injection, it means that the oil pump is not working or working poorly.

5, the method of judging and removing the fault of the oil valve.

The control handle of the governor is placed at the idle speed position, then the high-pressure oil pipe of each cylinder is removed from the injection pump, then the hand pressure pump is pressed to observe whether the oil outlet of the oil valve seat is spilled, and if the diesel oil is spilled, the oil valve is closed or the oil valve spring is broken. According to the inspection condition, repair the oil valve or replace the oil valve spring.